A Master’s Photoshop Work

Logo I created for a friend's music label

Photoshop I've done for my uncle's Imaging company in Phoenix, AZ

BAMF!....A Bad As....you can see here...this is a project for class...

Another BAMF!...for class again.

Freelance piece...titled "Emotionless Cause"...

"Vibrant Light Burst"

Background I created for Tumblr

Piece entitled "HELLA"....California inspired....somehow....

Rendition of an album cover I created...inspired by Flying Lotus

Freelance piece..."Technicolor Madness"


"Eye of The City"

"Is There A God?"

Album Cover I did for one of my musical productions.."Arranged Sorrow"



A collective of my work of the past 3 years. I refer to it as a Master’s Mindful past…


Dom Kennedy, Kreayshawn, Calvin Mercury, Uncle Kirby, Brother Mike, Flying Lotus, BAMF! (Wassup Jon and Kayla!)


Freelance, Logos, Business Card,